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Zen is the art of reflection and meditation, and this striking flower arrangement of one tall green cymbidium orchid stem - swathed in ti leaves and presented in a clear glass cylinder - is simplicity perfected. Stunning in a business setting, and equally lovely at home.
TFWEB210 from $87.50
Cut Flower Care Tips

Cut stems at an angle. This gives the stem a bigger area to take up more water, and stops it resting on the bottom of the vase and sealing itself.

Recut flower stems and place into fresh water with floral preservative every other day to greatly extend the life of your flowers.

Smash or pierce the stems, or use blunt scissors, as this destroys the water vessels and
inhibits water uptake, and causes bacteria to multiply more quickly and over a larger area.

Mix daffodils and narcissi with other flowers. They emit latex from their stems when cut and shorten the life of other flowers.
Tropical Flowers Viewing 10 to 10 of 10   
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